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First Communion recipient, Frank Fitzpatrick, 1957

New priest Father Porter, April 1960 photo

St. Mary's Church,
North Attleboro, MA





Where It All Began:
Bringing Father Porter to Justice
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"It was on the dark side of twilight when we got to Bistriz,
which is a very interesting old place."
. . . from Jonathan Harker's Journal in
Dracula by Bram Stoker, 1896
  Now renamed Where It All Began: Bringing Father Porter to Justice, Frank's book is finished and hopefully soon to be published.
It is roughly 175,000 words long; and contains four appendices consisting of transcripts of Frank Fitzpatrick's 4 taped phone conversations with James Robert Porter and his wife in 1990 and 1991.

The book is a first-hand account, from Fitzpatrick's

viewpoint, about the tortuous unfolding of how and why serial, lifelong child molester Porter was finally brought to justice in criminal and civil court rooms after 40 years of sexually assaulting an estimated [minimum] one thousand boys and girls.
  Although the book depicts turbulent interaction
and events, the focus is on the achievements. It is a success story, a true account about casting sunlight on a formerly shadowed, profoundly hidden topic in our society. In some ways, the book is almost a "how to" manual for those wishing to pursue activism. The book does not hide the stone walls that were found, but also reveals the philosophical and goal-focused orientations required for survivors of sexual assault to achieve success.

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