1989: the return to
Frank's conscious mind of Father Porter
raping him about
27 years earlier.
The Survivor Activist

Who is Frank Fitzpatrick?
Frank Fitzpatrick was born in 1950 and comes from a family of 4 children, including his 3 sisters, Carolyn, Janet, and Diane. Married to Sara since 1976, Frank and his wife have 2 boys of their own. Over the course of his life, Frank has been a composer, performer, public speaker, lift-truck operator, high school music teacher, ice cream store assistant manager, fishmonger's assistant, insurance adjuster, private investigator, jewelry factory worker, and more. Frank plays the recorder, flute, and saxophone, has a BS in Music Education, is in an Individualized Masters Program for multimedia, writes music, is a running devotee with the goal of jogging 25,000 miles in his lifetime, and has finished 4 marathons. He has had scleroderma since age 7 or 8, and attends local informational meetings about it. Sara works in the insurance business, has a BA in Psychology and an Associates in Paralegal Studies, and volunteers with Frank for the YMCA swim team where their son participates. The Fitzpatricks are also active in Little People of America, LPA, since one of their sons has a form of dwarfism.

Activism: from near the end and forward.

In 1992 and 1993, at least 130 (yes, at least one hundred and thirty) former victims in childhood - boys as well as girls -of sexual assaults by James Robert Porter came forward. Emboldened by the first 8 to go public on WBZ-TV Boston, outraged at the 40 years of Porter's crimes, disgusted with the documented continual coverups of the priest's known crimes by Catholic Church officials, 30 of those 130 survivors publicly spoke out. In December 1993, Porter was sentenced to terms totaling more than 200 years for sexual crimes against 28 boys and girls.

Activism: from the start of survivor activism.

Frank Fitzpatrick blocked out from his consciousness all memory of Porter drugging and raping him in the early 1960s, until 1989. When the memories surfaced, Frank wanted to find where Porter was, learn what he was doing, and protect present-day children from becoming more of his victims. It was a difficult process, requiring long-term both emotional and personal time investments. The process of the journey - the emotional and external struggles - and its powerful success are told in Frank's nearly completed book, The Dark Side of Twilight.

The Survivor Activist

Because of the worldwide publicity Frank and other Porter survivors received, Frank and his wife, Sara, started Survivor Connections, Inc. -a volunteer-operated non-profit -in 1993 to help survivors of sexual crimes. Their newsletter, The Survivor Activist, was printed and mailed for six years, but presently is available only online.

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Fitzpatrick Family Photos from the 1950s and early 1960s
Frank Sr. & Rita Fitzpatrick
with baby Carolyn, 1948
Diane & Janet,
Frank's sisters, circa 1962
Carolyn & Frank,
circa 1956
at home, circa 1952
First Communion, 1957
First Communion, circa 1955
1st grade photo, St. Mary's
class photo, circa 1957
Frank, age 11, 1961
6th grade photo, St. Mary's