Legacy of the Priest
  The instrumental music piece "Legacy" was first played at an exhibit of
creative work by survivors of sexual assault. In October of 1990, at the John
Street School in Providence, Rhode Island, Frank gave a brief speech where
he publicly revealed his name and that of his perpetrator, ex-priest James
Robert Porter. After this introduction, Frank played "Legacy" and also sang
a song called "Questions."
  The live performance by dancers, readers, poets, and musicians was a
one-day event, but the art display was on exhibit for two weeks. Healing
Pieces was organized by the Rhode Island Rape Crisis Center.
  As time passed, and things began developing in the fight to expose Porter
- who had never stopped sexually abusing children - Frank wrote more
music, later integrated it into his speeches, and then called the entire work
Legacy of the Priest.
  In the future, Legacy will be transformed into a full-scale dramatic work.
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